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Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Car Vacuum Cleaner

│ Description │

This model has 2 different types, Single and Double. Double model has two vacuum systems for operating two cars at once.

│ Product Overview │

* With the largest filter area in Korea, this product can be used for a long time without cleaning and its absorption power does not get weaker as it gets older.
* Easy to eliminate dust with a convenient lever-type detachable garbage bin.
* With the largest absorbing hose (50mm), no clogging of the hose.
* NateFilz coating filters with semi permanent service life.
* Easy switch between free and charged uses easy timer control.
* Strong absorption consuming 2150 watts.
* Very Elastic, no breakdown, using an urethane rotary boom.
* Largest slim-type, minimizing installation space.

│ Characteristics │

* Strong absorption power with 2150 mmAg.
* Durability of the coating surface through power coating.
* Easy operation time control by Com
* An overload breaker installed to protect the motor.
* No failure using a spring-type system and the 170Cm SUS boom, capable of dealing with wider area using a 5m hose.

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